I am Marianne Willert, Specializing in trauma resolution, restoration of physical and emotional balance, and sect deprogramming.

Is it time to take control of your story and embark on a journey of restoration of physical and emotional balance and transformation? Then empower your journey with me. I'm dedicated to providing you with the resources you need to move forward in life. In my clinic, I combine the power of hypnosis and kinesiology to help you heal, grow, and achieve the life you desire. I'm here to guide you on your path to a brighter future.


About Speramus
In 2015, Speramus was established as an information source about cults in Denmark. Through years of voluntary coaching work, I assisted individuals who reached out to share and seek help in processing their experiences, including students and journalists seeking information about cults.

Today, Speramus also operates as a holistic clinic where hypnotherapy, kinesiology, and enriching conversations play a central role. I still believe it's essential to promote awareness about cult-related issues in Denmark to minimize the number of people who are misled and manipulated and to contribute to creating a just and ethical society. You can still find comprehensive information on the subject by clicking on 'Sekter" (Cults) in the menu (use google to translate) and if you have information or questions regarding a cult in Denmark you are always welcome to get in touch. 
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